• Bes Kardes


Bes Kardes

Could any men be alike? No. So are not these five brothers; not at all in fact. Sait, Nazım, Turgut, Orhan and Aziz. There is one thing which binds these five unique characters and that is their unshakable family bonds. This family of five brothers lives together in the old family house in an old neighborhood. Oldest of brothers Sait has been a father to the family since they lost their parents at the earthquake. He has managed to keep the brothers together despite all. He has provided for them with what he has earned from his fish store in the neighborhood.

He has helped them whenever they needed, reached out whenever they stumbled, protected them every step of the way. Nazım the emotional journalist, Turgut the neighborhood imam, Orhan the bodyguard with dreams of becoming a singer, Aziz the frivolous horse-racing enthusiast... Although they are grown-up men now, they are all like children of Sait despite their ages. And none of them imagine a life apart from each other and Sait. Until one day Sait takes a decision for himself. Sait who has been also aging while he raised the boys, starts to think of settling down. And he announces that he will marry.

Even though Sait's “leaving the nest” would shake the brothers, Sait feels sure of his decision. He will marry Canan, a decent, calm and honest woman who lives in the neighborhood with her mother and brother and who has deep feelings for Sait. As brothers try to accept –and some outright reject- this unexpected decision, Sait’s life becomes chaotic instead of settling down. For now love of his life Fahriye who have left the neighborhood long ago come back! On the one hand his old heartbreak Fahriye from the past and on the other hand Canan promising a happy and peaceful home from his present; despite his efforts to avoid Sait will find himself in the whirlpool of a love triangle.

While Sait gets hurled between two women, his brothers will take unexpected paths in their lives. Nazım will get into trouble while pursuing to cover a seemingly simple court case. Tarık living peacefully in his world of faith will meet love for the first time. Orhan body-guarding while dreaming of becoming a singer will try to make his way from the tavern door he’s working to the stage. Aziz will go beyond his horse-racing focused life and slowly drift into a darker world.

Life and troubles of five brothers living in a small neighborhood; a story so close to home for everyone with family values, brotherhood, love, friendship and all the sweet and sour surprises of life itself.

Music Toygar Işıklı
Screenwriter Onur Ünlü
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Onur Ünlü
Production Ay Yapım
Channel Kanal D



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