Adnan is a reputable, wealthy businessman whose wife passed away eleven years before.He was left with two young children and devoted his life entirely to their care, as well as bringing up his nephew Behlul who lost his family in a car accident several years before.

Surrounded by responsibility, Adnan never imagined that he would fall in love again, untill he met the young and beautiful Bihter. Bihter also comes from a well-known family with a trajic background. On learning that his wife Firdevs had betrayed him, Bihter’s father suffered a massive heart attack. After his death, the family went through great financial hardship and Bihter’s hatred for her own mother became all consuming.

Bihter discovers that Firdevs is interested in Adnan, mainly because of his great wealth, and finds a perfect opportunity to take revenge. She decides to marry him herself. Adnan proposes to Bihter shortly after they meet, despite strong objections from his family, especially his daughter Nihal.

The marriage takes place, Bihter moves into adnan’s house and a new era begins for everybody.

Adnan’s nephew Behlul is a notorious playboy. Bihter dislikes him from the beginning because he was once engaged to her sister but was unfaithful to her. Behlul also dislikes Bihter and fought against her marriage into the family, trying eveything he could to dissuade adnan from going ahead with it.

However, Behlul is attracted to Bihter and they draw closer with time. At first, Behlul denies his growing feelings an deven proposes marriage to his own girlfriend in an effort to escape, but soon he is deeply in love. Bihter also fights her feelings and turns towards her husband as she tries to resist the attraction. When Behlul announces his engagement to his girlfriend, Bihter realizes the full power of her feelings while Behlul simultaneously confesses his love for her, and their ‘Forbidden Love’ begins to blossom.

Every move they take inflames their passion. The hidden love affair develops with great swings of emotion, for better and for worse. This is the beginning of the end. Once he is aware of their relationship, Besir follows the lovers and secretly videotapes one of their assignations.

When Firdevs realizes the attraction between Behlul and Bihter, she warns Bihter that she must her marriage to preserve their wealth. Firdevs makes a plan to split the lovers. When Firdevs realizes that Nihal is attracted to Behlul, she encourages the girl’s romantic ideas. Finally she talks about it Adnan in an effort to force Behlul to propose to Nihal.

A powerful enemy of the family decides to torment Adnan by telling him that his young wife is having an affair with his nephew. Without knowing the truth of the accusation, the enemy plants the seeds of doubt. Life becomes even more complicated fort he lovers.Adnan now suspects Bihter’s feelings towards him and he also understands Bihter’s hatred towards her mother. He discovers that she is pregnant, but who is the father? Adnan is left in a constant state of doubt about Bihter and Behlul’s relationship untill the very end.

Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Hilal Saral
Screenwriter Ece Yörenç- Melek Gençoğlu
Based on Novel By Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil



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