About us

Ay Yapım is one of the most important content creators in Turkey with 4000+ hours, 60 TV Series and 22 movies that it has produced since 2005, the year it was founded.


With its investments in the TV series industry and art, Ay Yapım holds a large share in the growth of the country’s TV series exports. Between the years 2016 - 2020 it was the biggest TV series exporter production company and has been awarded 5 times by the Turkish Exporters Association.


Thanks to its globally acclaimed content, it has become the country’s most internationally awarded company. Ay Yapım is Turkey’s only production company awarded with an “International Emmy” award.


Ay Yapım, that reaches 100 countries around the world, and its partner Madd, own the largest distribution network of the country. Having been honored by the State for the business volume it has created and its share in the global market, Ay Yapım continues to grow and invest in the TV series industry, provide opportunities to creative teams and invest in large-scale social responsibility projects.

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