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Ay Yapım shot its first scene in 2005 and has since grown into one of the world’s leading production companies for TV series, high-end dramas and thematic productions.  A steady string of hit drama series has left Ay Yapim’s mark on prime time in Turkey and around the world.

Celebrated Ay Yapim series like KARA SEVDA (Endless Love), KARADAYI, MEDCEZIR, KARA PARA AŞK (Black Money Love), KUZEY GÜNEY, SON (The End), 20 MINUTES, FATMAGÜL, AŞK-I MEMNU, EZEL and YAPRAK DÖKÜMÜ have become a regular part of the lives of millions of people worldwide.  Ay Yapım continues to raise the bar for Turkish drama with innovative new series like IÇERDE (Insider), BANA SEVMEYI ANLAT (Wings of Love), CESUR VE GÜZEL (Brave and Beautiful), FI (Phi), ŞAHIN TEPESI (Falcon Crest), ŞAHSIYET (Persona), ÇARPISMA (Crash) and KUZGUN delighting viewers everywhere.

Ay Yapim owes its success to some of the most dynamic screenwriters and directors working anywhere in the world, not to mention many of Turkey’s most accomplished actors.  Thanks to their incredible talent, Ay Yapim is a prime time fixture in more than eighty countries.  Some Ay Yapim’s series have been re-adapted for Europe, Russia, America and South America including EZEL, AŞK-I MEMNU, FATMAGÜL, KUZEY GÜNEY and SON. KARA SEVDA won Turkey’s first Int. Emmy in the Telenovela Category.

More than a decade after its founding—and dozens of hit series later—Ay Yapim remains a leading producer of Turkish drama.

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