Turgenev mentions that a father’s sin lives on through his son in his book “Fathers and Sons.” The fate of fathers and sons start merging and become one. Sometimes a son pays the price for his father’s sins, his arrogance, his greed, his rage, or his ambition. And sometimes they pay for their virtues such as honesty, decency, and following a straight path. 


Parents think that their choices and the lives they live is just their own concern. However, all the turns their lives take reflect on their children. Their personalities, interests, the kind of people they are, even their friendships and enemies, their positives and negatives can often be traced back to the previous generation. Is it possible to escape this?


If the choices that make it impossible to break this cycle are repeated by the children, it is impossible to escape this. It becomes a lifelong battle which no one knows where it began; consuming all humanly feelings including love and conscience.


This story will tell us both how complexly woven the fate of fathers and sons are, as well as the conflicts and collisions between them. But ultimately love will take place above all of this conflict of fates. 


Then let’s find out;


“Can love change the fate that your father/ancestor has left you?”


“When you rewrite your destiny how far will you go from what you have been



“Your father’s sins will live on through you. You have three options; Are you going to

cover it up? Will you legalize your father’s sin and repeat it? Will you pay your

dues and set yourself free?” 



Yusuf and Rıfat are two senior police officers and very old friends. They were

classmates at the Police Academy, graduated and worked together. They were

practically inseparable. So much, so that they built two houses next to each other. Their friendship has stood the test of time so far… Until the day comes to make a decision which not only will affect them, but also everyone who is related to them as well.


An operation is launched to capture drug lord Şeref Dağıstanlı, who they were after for a long time. The head of the operation was Yusuf and Rifat. The operation is successful that night, and Şeref Dağıstanlı is captured.  Şeref offers the duo a hefty bribe to dodge the situation. The amount is enough to change their life for their families. Yusuf stands firm against this bribe, but the situation is quite different for Rıfat as he does not share Yusuf’s thoughts. This clash will not only affect their lives, but also their families. Kuzgun will be the most adversely affected of them all. 

Shortly after the operation, one night Yusuf is arrested. He is taken in for shooting his colleague, and being involved in drug trafficking. He gets banned from being a cop. His best friend Rifat is the one who sets Yusuf up and he is working for Şeref. Once Yusuf is out of the way Rifat takes control of the situation and Şeref is acquitted clearing all allegations. Yusuf is shaken by his best friend’s betrayal. 


One night he suddenly requests that his family moves from the neighborhood he was living in with his best friend, effectively leaving all their memories behind. This is the only way he can keep his family safe, and fend off the allegations to get his freedom back... However, nothing will go his way.  

His wife Meryem and their three children (Kuzgun -8-, Kartal -6- and Kumru -5-) face the most tragic and bitter challenge of their lives before they leave their home in Istanbul. Kuzgun will bear the biggest burden of this challenge. He will fall into captivity, pain, and rage which will last for 20 years away from his home and family.  


Rifat’s daughter Dila is deeply wounded by the sudden disappearance of Kuzgun who has been her best friend from birth. Dila not only has missed her best friend, but also her first love. With his secrets and sins Kuzgun will remain as a wound that never heals in Dila’s little heart. 


On the other hand Rifat quickly gets over the burden of his conscience that is caused by betraying his best friend, and starts writing his own success story. The illegal deal he makes with Şeref becomes the pivot point of his life. He becomes rich and powerful with this deal. A while after his wife Sultan’s passing he gets married to Şeref Dağıstanli’s sister Şermin Dağıstanlı, effectively securing his ties with him. In the following years Rifat successfully legitimizes his operation, grows his power and wealth with the contacts and partnerships he makes. He secretly carries out his dark and illegal partnership with Şeref. 




On one hand Kuzgun lives a childhood filled with pain, trauma, loneliness and struggle, on the other hand Dila goes to the best schools and lives a comfortable life. She internally battles having lost her best friend as well as her mother, Sultan. After middle school she is sent to London for school by her father, Rifat; and does not come back to Istanbul for many years other than semester breaks. She becomes an excellent attorney. The children of two police officers who were raised in the same neighborhood, belonged in the same social class, and were the same age, become two very different people of different social classes. 

Dila quickly shines through with the education she receives and her personality. Her older brother adapts to their new life in a different way. Ali tries proving himself and making a name for himself in his father’s new endeavors. But his anger issues create trouble for them from time to time. Ali becomes the physical force for Rifat rather than the brain power. 

20 years pass from the time Kuzgun was drawn apart from his family and Dila. He is given the legal name “Akça” by child services, and has survived these years against all odds. He has started a new life in Nevşehir. He works as a bodyguard in one of the most famous night clubs. The new life he has built himself under the name “Akça” is about to take a drastic turn with Dila crossing paths with him during a visit. This will open a new era full of pains, tests, hardships, but most importantly an unforgettable love. 


Dila returns from London back to Istanbul. After this event she goes to Nevsehir for a single night, and this will reunite the paths of Dila and Kuzgun after 20 years. Coincidentally Ali hires “Akça” as a bodyguard to protect her while she is in Nevsehir. “Akça”, who is Kuzgun; immediately recognizes Dila. But the same does not go for Dila. She finds a sense of familiarity in Kuzgun, but as he has become “Akça” now she cannot connect the dots and realize who he is. The one thing both do not know is the fact that this coincidence will be the beginning of an unbreakable bond between the two of them. 

The “life threatening” event Dila and Kuzgun will set Kuzgun’s relocation to Istanbul in motion. 


20 years later Kuzgun returns to Istanbul with his own plans and goals. The first place he visits is his Father Yusuf’s grave. His trip comes to an unexpected end, right in front of Derviş Cevher who is otherwise known as “the tailor”. 

“The tailor” is a special man who has learned the craft of tailoring from an old master of his and a helper. Now he is a neighborhood tailor, and a special man who could easily become a household brand name, but has chosen to keep small keeping old traditions alive. He is a much disciplined man. One cannot figure out how he manages to solve the problems of the people around him. Kuzgun’s first lucky break in the glamour of the big city Istanbul, the dark side of the elite, the flash and the show people wear as personal masks comes from meeting the tailor. This will not be the only role the tailor plays in Kuzgun’s life. As he likes Kuzgun at first sight he will become both his protector, and his mentor. When the success story of Kuzgun is stalled from time to time, the tailor will be the magical hand who clears the path for him. 

Kuzgun first visits Dila, then Rifat in order when he returns to Istanbul. He has prepared surprises for both of them. He plays his cards in a different way when he faces Rifat, who is one of the people who stole his childhood and his father’s life. What he will ask from Rifat will start his journey for both success and revenge. Dila will play the biggest key role on this journey. 


Kuzgun’s return will not only be the pivot point for his success and revenge, but will also open old wounds in his family. Kuzgun’s mom Meryem and his siblings Kartal and Kumru will have their own struggle of finding their son and brother. Despite the past 20 years, they will try to be a family once again, but this will not come any easy. 


Dila is happy with Kuzgun’s new position in their life and home. But Ali is not as thrilled as Dila. He will become one of Kuzgun’s most sneaky and dangerous enemies. On the other hand, Dila and Kuzgun fall in deeper love every time they see each other. While he is writing his own success and revenge story, his heart that beats for Dila becomes his Achilles tendon. Despite his efforts Dila grows roots in his heart with her love. However, both Dila and Kuzgun have dark secrets that hinder them from living this love freely. These secrets become their impossibilities. On the other hand, one of the biggest obstacles for them will be Şeref Dağıstanlı’s son Bora Dağıstanlı. 

Bora will not remain only as an obstacle for Kuzgun’s love for Dila. He will be bigger, more relentless, and tougher than all of his enemies. This man is also in love with Dila, and he will be the source of turmoil, disasters, and developments no one else can create.  




Kuzgun’s voyage for revenge of his stolen life and lost father will evolve into his path to be the “biggest in Istanbul”. Kuzgun will first try to make a name for himself, then reinvent himself during this journey. The world Kuzgun is challenging is the dark and dangerous world of mafia relations. 


With Kuzgun’s return to Istanbul Dila is exposed to an unfamiliar world of danger in which she does not belong. She will find herself as the opponent of Kuzgun, and the successor of her father Rifat as her journey unfolds. 

Until the day their hands point at each other like a gun, their love will grow independently from Dila and Kuzgun, and it will transform into a deep well of secrets. 


Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay,Pelin Diştaş
Scenario Burcu Görgün Toptaş, Özlem Yılmaz
Director Bahadır İnce
Cast Barış Arduç (Kuzgun), Burcu Biricik (Dila), Settar Tanrıöğen (Terzi Derviş), Hatice Aslan (Meryem) Levent Ülgen (Rıfat) Caner Şahin (Kartal), Ahsen Eroğlu (Kumru), Aytek Şayan (Ali), İpek Erdem (Şermin), Derya Beşerler (Seda)


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