Yaman, a young man from the Tozludere neighborhood is arrested for robbery with his brother Kenan and is kicked out of the house by his mother Nevin who is a singer in a honky-tonk and her boyfriend Hasan. He doesn’t have a choice other than going to A.Ş.K Hill (Asım Şefik Kaya Hill), where people lead a rich and secluded life, with the lawyer Selim Serez who has opened up his house. Yaman comes to the house despite Ender’s objections and starts to get along very well with their only son Mert. Mert finds the chance to talk to his childhood crush Eylül by the help of the newcomer Yaman who attracts attention. Yaman meets Mira who is the girl next-door and also Eylül’s best friend. Mira’s father Faruk is an investment adviser who has sunk the money of his customers and has messed with moneylenders to cover it. They had a relationship with Ender when they were young. Although Ender is reluctant about Yaman’s staying in their house, she accepts it after Yaman’s mother goes to prison. Mira and Yaman are attracted to each other the moment they meet but Mira has been with Orkun for a long time and her family has approved this relationship. Mira’s voluptuous mother Sude abandon’s Faruk when she learns that he was bankrupt. Mira falls into depression as her family falls apart and as she learns that Orkun has been cheating on her. In the meantime Mert and Eylül are getting closer and Mert has to decide between spoiled Eylül and congenial Tuğçe. Ender’s father Asım Şekip Kaya doesn’t approve Yaman’s moving in. Mira’s mother Sude agrees with this and she blames Yaman for her daughter’s depression. Things get even more complicated when Yaman’s brother Kenan shows up. Ender and Selim experience a disagreement about Selim’s new job offer. As Selim takes the job and starts to work with his old friend Selda, the tension between them grows bigger. As Yaman takes some tests to go to Mert’s school Sude tries to convince Mira that she needs a psychological treatment. Although Yaman is accepted to the school he feels that he doesn’t belong there. In the meantime Orkun continues to make things difficult for him.

Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Ali Bilgin
Scenario Ece Yörenç- Melek Gençoğlu
Art Director Selim Keleşoğlu
Music Toygar Işıklı



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