College student Bahar is a clever, lively and a cheerful girl. She is grown in wealth.  While leading a happy life with her husband one day everything turns upside down.  Her mother Şehnaz who had been working in the company called Lotus as a software engineer is killed.

Bahar is scattered from her safe life to a dark world. The people who killed her mother are somehow after Bahar now. Bahar tries to stay alive while trying to solve the mystery behind her mother’s death.  Her paths cross with an unexpected person during her adventure full of surprises. She has to cooperate with Hayati, a former mafia who has blood on his hands. In time this obligation turns in to an unexpected bond between them. This bond is literally like a clash of two different worlds. Thanks to Bahar, Hayati discovers the goodness in him while  Bahar confronts her dark side. Now Bahar and Hayati have a common goal; Şehnaz. Bahar will get her hands dirty while Hayati cleans his dirty life.

In her path with Hayati she will see that the masks of the people she trusts have come off. Meeting the person who’s responsible for her mother’s murder will give her the shock of her life.

During this period she has lost faith in her husband and has closed the doors on love. Until she meets Ozan. Their emotional connection turns into a big love affair. But another shock is awaiting Bahar in this path too.

All through this time Bahar and Hayati, who has always been by Bahar’s side, never deviate from their goal. They will solve the truth about Şehnaz.

Producer Kerem Çatay, Pelin Diştaş
Production Ay Yapım
Director Çağrı Vila Lostuvalı, Ender Mıhlar
Scenario Toprak Karaoğlu, Savaş Korkmaz , Seda Çalışır



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