IRAN – the near future. Aylin, a beautiful but beaten Turkish woman, is being held captive.  She is released from her bindings and led blinking onto a balcony of a dilapidated house where she meets a mysterious Englishman.  He treats her kindly, returning her things.  She goes for her passport but he tells her she won’t use that anymore.  He holds up a mirror and she sees her beaten face.  She barely recognizes herself.  ‘Say goodbye Aylin’ he tells her. ‘Let us begin…’

What has brought such a woman to this place?  That is the question answered by this compelling series.  We meet Aylin again, nine months earlier, only this time she is a woman who has everything, a successful architect, deeply in love with her husband, Selim, doting mother to their handsome son Ömer.  She drops Selim off at the airport one morning and everything changes.  His plane crashes.  There are no survivors.  After days of overwhelming grief comes a glimmer of hope: the airline realizes his name was not on the passenger list.  Wherever he is, he is not dead – he never boarded the plane.

And so Aylin is thrust into a web of shattered illusions, mistrust and fear.  Selim’s disappearance sets a complex chain of events in motion, events that have their roots many years ago.  As Aylin finds strength to cope with the lies she sees in the eyes of all around her, other pieces of the puzzle close in on her.  This is not just a story of broken hearts and friendships, but a gripping thriller about the workings of fate, history and our all-too-human hearts.

The End.  Would you go all the way to find the truth?

Production Ay Yapım
Director Uluç Bayraktar
Producer Kerem Çatay
Scenario Berkun Oya
Music Toygar Işıklı



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