September 28, 2017



‘Endless Love’ produced by Ay Yapim storm continues throughout the world. Phenomenal TV series starring Burak Ozcivit, Neslihan Atagul and Kaan Urgancioglu becomes the first Turkish TV series to be finalists at the International Emmy Awards, one of the most prestigious awards of the international television industry. ‘Endless Love’ is one of the four finalists for ‘Best Series’ award at the Emmy Awards where 18 countries in 11 categories have been nominated. 


After the big finale in June, effects of ‘Endless Love’ directed by Hilal Saral, written by Burcu Gorgun Toptas and Ozlem Yilmaz still continues throughout the world. The series, which was watched by millions of viewers for two seasons, was nominated for ‘Best Series’ award at the International Emmy Awards. ‘Endless Love’, which not only reaches wide audience in Turkey but also around the world, will compete for a new achievement to its international success. Worldwide famous actor Kevin Spacey also will be awarded by International Emmy Awards which held for the 45th time.  


The series, which was won Jury’s Special Prize at the 11th International Seoul Drama Awards in 2016 and shown between ‘Best of the Year’ by many important institutions and universities in Turkey, is the one and only finalist from Turkey at the International Emmy Awards. After the finale of ‘Endless Love’, audience have posted thousands of comments and started a signature campaign. The series meets the audience in Greece, the Middle East, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Peru and many other countries. 


“Every year the world-wide television industry is competing to be remembered on the International Emmy global scene. We congratulate all of the nominees because of their extraordinary achievements, creativity and ability to be inspired audiences all around the world,” said Bruce L. Paisner, President and CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The ceremony of 45th International Emmy Awards will be held on November 20th in New York. 



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