The International Emmy World Television Festival

November 18, 2018

Turkey’s leading production company and producer of Cesur ve Güzel (Brave And Beautiful) - 2018 iemmy nominee for telenovela, has hosted International Emmy World Television Festival’s opening cocktail at New York, Campbell Bar. 


The International Emmy World Television Festival , one of the most prestigious organizations of the global tv industry, started with the opening cocktail at New York in the 16th of November. Ay Yapım who has received IEmmy award last year for The Best Telenova category with Kara Sevda, hosted the cocktail. Tuba Büyüküstün, the leading actress of Cesur ve Güzel, scriptwriter Ece Yörenç and director Ali Bilgin attended the cocktail which all the the finalists of the International Emmy Awards and the major representatives of global media were present.


The cocktail which was held in one of New York’s historical and characteristic rooms, The Campbell Bar, also hosted Turkish musicians Gökçe Erem (violin) and Emre Yılmaz (guitar) who entertained the guests with the original soundtracks of Cesur ve Güzel.

The evening closed with the speeches of Bruce Paisner, the chairman of the International Emmy Awards and Kerem Çatay, the CEO of Ay Yapım.







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