Omer is a young man, full of beauty and good spirit. He has just returned from military service and is about to marry the girl of his dreams, the stunning Eysan. His two best friends, Cengiz and Ali are like brothers to him, and he trusts them with all his heart. Everything seams perfect, as his whole life lies in front of him.

The drama starts when the police storms into Omer’s bedroom when he is still sleeping. He gets arrested for a murder and robbery at the casino the night before. Omer gets imprisoned for the crime - his life is shattered, friends and fiancé disappears. Instead, one single question is preyed on his mind for the next ten years: Why? It is obvious that Omer has been set up, but could such a terrible crime really have been planned by his two best friends and his fiancé Eysan?

Omer gets eventually declared dead in prison, but the death is a cover up for the revenge to come. After plastic surgery Omer returns as Ezel, with only one mission in life - to find an explanation, and to take everything away from those who once destroyed his life. But first, he has to kill the constant, incorrigible, and endless love he still carries for the girl of his dreams, Eysan.

One by one, the pieces fall in place in a very thrilling story. Omer’s two best friends Ali and Cengiz were convinced to rob the casino by the mafioso Serdar Tezcan , who also happens to be Omer's girlfriend Eysan's father. Serdar created the whole plan. He needed four people for a successful robbery. The first, Cengiz would be the mole who was working in the casino and who would therefore gain access. The second, Ali would be the ruthless killer who has no problem committing murder if needed. The third, Eysan would be the skilled con-woman who would manipulate the characters. Finally, Omer would be blamed for the robbery by way of implanting false evidence, and therefore misleading the police and causing them to cease all other investigations. Eysan would later testify in court in order to re-establish the evidence and accusations, thus cementing her betrayal.

The plan worked successfully and while all 4 got away with millions of dollars’ worth of money, Omer went to jail the day after he proposed to Eysan. In 2006, Omer, who had a full plastic surgery, and changed his name to Ezel Bayraktar ("eternity" in Turkish), returns to get his revenge, unknown to his previous friends, Eysan and Cengiz (who are now married with a son), and Ali (who is head of security at Cengiz's hotel) The once simple boy becomes a man exceptionally skilled at gambling, reading people, fighting, and has considerably high class in society. He is helped by his assistants Kamil and Sebnem, as well as his prison mentor Ramiz Dayı - "Ramiz Uncle" 


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