The Bank of Broken Hearts

Osman and Enis are two young men in their late twenties who play in an amateur football team in Galata, one of Istanbul’s oldest districts that has existed since the Byzantine era. The aim of Enis and Osman, whose father is a former sheikh and has been in vegetative state for the last six years, is both to rob a bank branch in the district together with their team mates, and to prevent the team from being dropped from the league by winning the last game.

The neighborhood imam, Yusuf Yağmur, who leads the team, is unaware of the boys’ plan to rob the bank. The game is played, but remains unfinished because of a big fight that takes place. However, during this fight Osman falls in love with Aslım, who is being kept against her will by Rüstem Tor, the head of the opposing team who is known for his involvement in the organ trade.

While a series of robbery attempts are confounded and things gets increasingly muddled up, Osman’s love for Aslım grows.

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