Wild Abandon

Does a person have the chance to resist the lifestyle and culture that have been imposed upon them? Are people strong enough as individuals to overcome this fate? Who hears the screams of the soul? Your spouse? Children? Father?

"Uysals" is project that will remind us how funny, fun, full of life and hope the depression and sorrow each character goes through but can't make sense of, can be. A family of colorful personalities and the story of lonely communities. A project that will try to convey how absurd and real detailed characters, different converging stories, off-beat habits, unlikely coincidences, familial ties, old reckonings can be while putting a slight smile on the audiences' faces. In short, "Uysals" is an odd, different, interesting and magnificent project.

Of course, the aural and visual aspects of this project will be just as fun and vibrant; the camera movements and the pave of the editing will follow the characters' thought processes almost exactly and create a dynamic, riveting viewing experience which will also create a language that will make watching it easier as the episodes progress. Will aim for the episodes to be around 30-45 minutes which will give us a high pace drama.

Starring: Öner Erkan:Oktay Uysal, Haluk Bilginer: Berhudar,  Uğur Yücel:Olcay Uysal, Songül Öden:Nil Uysal İbrahim Selim: Mert, Nezaket Erden:Yağmur, Serkan Altunorak:Suat Uysal

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