Eylül (September) has everything she could possibly want in life. She is beautiful, funny, she has charm; in her own words: ‘she is too happy to fall in love.’

Then one day, she has an accident and death brushes past her. Everyone around her whisperes that she is fine. But Eylül can’t help feeling that something is missing. She can’t remember her last month. That should be ok; how much in our lives can possibly change in just one month?

One day, a silly-looking vagabond walks up to her and introduces himself: ‘My name is Tek, and I’m the man you fell in love with.’

Tek lives on an island. He paints shops’ signs and sometimes draws caricatures. He is scared of swimming and people. And lives a life generally unnoticed by anyone, on the island.

A month ago, he came across a girl. The girl looked up at him and smiled, his life changed. In his words: ‘Good looking people don’t know. But if an ugly person is recognized, he falls desperately in love with the girl who discovered him.

Tek, tries to remind her of the wonderful month they spent together on the island. May be he is self-delusional. May be he is lying. Eylül doesn’t believe him. But slowly likes the story of Tek, loves the girl Tek is talking about. And growing ever more curious of the tale’s ending, she steps closer and closer to this strange and strangely enticing man.

He never gets to tell the end of the tale. But in the end, she remembers. And finally, she falls in love with a man who’s no longer there.




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