At some point we all question the decisions made on the turning points of our lives: “What if I hadn’t accepted it at that point in time?”, “What if I had turned around and left?”, “What if I hadn’t walked through that road?”. We question the possibilities and coincidences. Whichever path we choose, whichever decision we make, we think about the other option and the road we had left behind.

This film talks about the possibility of the course of two lives through the love between Umut and Deniz. It questions how one’s decisions can shape their fate.

Sometimes little moments and decisions can completely change the course of our lives. Umut’s decision to take his dog Oscar for an evening walk allows his path of life to cross Deniz’s.
On that night Umut will have to decide between a gateway which leads to love and relationships and a life which he needs to face and challenge on his own.

Yapımcı Kerem Çatay,Pelin Diştaş,Fatih Aksoy
Yapım Ay Yapım
Ortak Yapım Med Yapım
Yönetmen Ali Bilgin
Oyuncular Engin Akyürek, Bergüzar Korel, İpek Bilgin, Merve Dizdar, Osman Sonant, Serhat Parıl


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